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What’s That On My Mums?

When Fall arrives, it’s difficult not to miss the sunshine and vacations of Summer. But take heart—it’s time to bring on the sweaters, hayrides, cider, and an Autumn home icon: mums!

While mums, aka chrysanthemums, are the perfect compliment for pumpkins and hay bales outside your home, many are unaware that their doorstep may have attracted more than just envious neighbors.

Here are four insects you may be seeing that you can blame your mums for:

1. Chrysanthemum Aphids

These pesky aphids appear as little black bugs that suck the sap out of your plants. In addition to the harm caused by eating the plant, they can transmit other plant viruses as well. These pests are only known to live on the Chrysanthemum species of plant, so there is a chance that you will not have seen these before!

2. Chrysanthemum Gall Midges

Adult chrysanthemum gall midges are approximately 1/14 inch long, have reddish-yellow coloring and appear frail as they have longer legs and wings. These bugs will actually multiply by laying eggs throughout the plant, thereby deforming and damaging them. It is best to eradicate these as soon as they are spotted!

3. Two-Spotted Spider Mites

Spider mites, aka red mites, are extremely small and often only appear as tiny red dots on your plant. However, this mite has been known to infest over 200 species of plants, so if they happen to hitch a ride home on your new mums be sure to take action so that it doesn’t spread to the rest of your garden!

4. Foliar Nematodes

While foliar nematodes sound amusing, they are microscopic worms attracted to perennials! While other types of plant nematodes feed on the roots, these foliar nematodes actually live and reproduce inside the leaves of chrysanthemums, which causes a very apparent leaf decay. This will appear as brown/yellow splotches on the surface. They are extremely tricky to get rid of, and when planting perennials we highly recommend ensuring that your soil is nematode-free when it comes to chrysanthemum care!



Gall Midges


Spider Mites


Foliar Nematodes

Pest Prevention

If you think you have any one of these, the professionals at The Neuse Termite and Pest Control would love to deal with your chrysanthemum pests and keep your doorstep looking pristine. We’re equipped with the most effective treatment options in the pest control industry – and will do it for a great price.

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